Frontiers Landscape–your opportunity to work with a professional landscaping company!

Landscape design often has a unique set of challenges that may leave you puzzled. To make your outdoor space the envy of your neighborhood in Oakville, you need to hire a professional landscaping agency with a proficient skill-set matching your requirements.

Frontiers Landscape has what it takes to create beautiful spaces ranging from residential landscapes to large commercial gardens in a whole variety of styles. Our professional landscapers are passionate about what they do and they work tirelessly to create a new outdoor space for you.

At Frontiers Landscape, we aim at developing comprehensive designs and aesthetic plans that are complimented with backdrop setting, water use, drainage facilities, and appropriate plant selection.  Apart from specializing in the horticulture aspect of landscaping, we also have experience in doing architectural work. Our architects are trained to develop innovative and practical plans based on your unique project requirements.   

Our services

Depending on your vision for your outdoor space, you may choose from our diverse range of services including:

We pride ourselves on delivering highest level of landscaping, garden construction and exterior maintenance service for our clients throughout Oakville.

Landscape Design

To get a landscape project right, it’s important to start with a great landscape design plan. We can tailor the design of your landscape to work well with your property’s soil structure and weather conditions. You get a design tailored to your own personal taste, shape, size, foliage types, maintenance requirements and budget. We try to en sure that your garden thrives for a long time by planting the right plants at the right spots!

Our staff

When you hire Frontiers Landscape, you work with talent including professionally qualified landscape designers and garden architects. Our staff will support you in the design and construction of your dream garden.   

So, would you like your outdoor space in Oakville to be designed and personalized to your specific needs? Get in touch with us to start your dream landscaping project.