The Frontiers Landscaping Process for the Perfect Getaway at Home


Meeting at your home with a qualified, educated consultant is crucial to achieving a project that is going to work for you. The opportunity for the designer to listen to your wants and needs, while discussing options and ideas that you may not have thought of, is valuable. A consultation fee of $80 is applied to the initial consultation. At the end of the meeting, our consultant will be able to provide an accurate estimate for the design services to follow.

Home Renovation Construction Process
Home Renovation Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design

In order to get a true feel for your new space, we need to see more than a plan view.  In order to truly appreciate the possibilities available to us, we need to be able to explore 3 dimensions, colour schemes, textures and scaled spaces.  The first step of our design process allows you to give feedback on multiple options and ideas, while exploring the space in a digital 3D environment...all from the comfort of your own home.


Final Design

The feedback collected from the concept designs is implemented into a final design.  The final design reflects a space that is aesthetically polished to your taste, while including all of the technical requirements for permits and construction.

Home Renovation Final Design Drawings
Budget and Estimates

Budget & Estimate

Getting multiple estimates for a large project is smart, but how can you make sure you are comparing 'apples to apples'?  For example, how do we know if one company is overcharging for low-end materials and substandard construction methods, while the other is charging a fair  price for high-end materials and superior methods?  Both prices would appear similar on a typical estimate. Using our detailed final design, Frontiers is able to produce a very clear, transparent estimate that will allow you to spot the 'oranges' while comparing 'apples'. 


The combination of detailed design and accurate estimating produces a smooth construction process.  Our process ensures that by the time we are ready to begin construction, you can relax and leave the day-to-day operations to our talented installers and project managers.  Our clients are amazed at how stress free an amazing finished product can be.

Home Renovation Installation and Build


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