Frontiers Landscape Architecture designs and installs stunning gardens to soften and liven up your landscape.  

Many built elements like patios and decks can benefit from the soft atmosphere that plant material infuses into a space. Trees and shrubs can provide an element of privacy, especially in a subdivision where you may have neighbouring houses close by. Creating a sense of enclosure can be an important step in making your outdoor living space feel comfortable, private and relaxing. 

The style of a landscape can be clearly defined with the use of plant material. A contemporary or sophisticated style can be achieved with rich green vegetation and shrubs with only white blooms for a simple and timeless look. For a country or rustic feel, warm colours, and a variety of textures can be used to bring the space to life.  Many plant species are selected to attract birds and butterflies to the garden, while others, like trees for example, are prized for their broad shade canopies and the picnic spots and privacy they bring. Whatever your landscaping vision, Frontiers Landscape has the knowledge and skills to make every detail flawless. 

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