Landscaping Irrigation and Lighting

A well designed, properly installed, and appropriately maintained irrigation system can be the most efficient way to keep a landscape healthy.

The benefits of irrigation systems:

  • Less time spent watering giving you more time to to enjoy your landscape
  • Increased convenience  
  • Fully watered landscape – every part is covered
  • Perfectly timed early morning water for a healthy landscape - even when you’re away
  • Added value to your home
  • Minimized plant lost during drought

Irrigation and lighting can enhance your landscape both functionally and aesthetically.  Plants cannot grow, thrive or look their best if they are not provided with adequate water.  Irrigation systems make this aspect of landscape maintenance much less tiresome. By ensuring that your landscapes plants regularly receive the right amount of water, your landscape will look its best all summer long. 

Landscaping LightingSimilarly, landscape lighting ensures that your landscape works for you all year round. Landscape lighting is the creation of a lighting effect, not the display of lighting fixtures. Lighting can increase the usability of your property by allowing you to entertain later into the night.  While lighting your landscape may entice you to frequently utilize your front or backyard, it is likely to have the opposite effect on unwanted intruders.  By deterring trespassers, landscape lighting effectively improves your home security. Finally, a property with well installed landscape lighting acts as a focal point in any neighbourhood.

Frontiers Landscape can help make your landscape work for you. Contact us and experience firsthand the benefits of irrigation and landscape lighting.