GTA Landscape Design and Construction Services

Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Georgetown, Guelph and rural communities -- Frontiers Landscape is in the middle of a dense and expanding urban community. Within this community structure that we share, we understand the importance of making the best out of your limited outdoor space. We want to give you an outdoor living environment that will ground and rejuvenate you – one that is an extension of your home and that provides you with a connection to nature. Our professional design process will ensure that all of your needs, wants and desires are heard and translated into a landscape more beautiful than you ever dreamed possible for your home.

You may not believe this, but small subdivision yards can be extremely efficient spaces. With the proper combination of screening and plantings, privacy can be achieved and you can actually enjoy a very relaxing and comfortable outdoor space, separated from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the GTA. Water features and plant materials can bring nature to you with the birds and butterflies they attract. Materials such as natural stone can also be used to soften the starkness of the urban community.

Larger town lots can be made into your cottage getaway, if you decide to take the few steps to get there, and with Frontiers at your service, it will be more than worth it. We simplify your landscape construction experience through designing a detail orientated, maintainable, and sustainable pace for you. This means low stress and high satisfaction. With the right choice in materials, and a professional design that includes shadow and site line analysis, you can have an outdoor living space that feels miles away from civilization. More and more, people are choosing to create an outdoor room that can be used for dining, lounging, playing and getting away from it all.

Country and estate homes are unique opportunities to truly link with the environment. Whether backing onto a wood lot or a farm field, you have the opportunity to explore natural site lines, and embrace your surroundings.

Contact a Frontiers landscape designer to request a consultation and begin the low stress and exciting journey toward an outdoor sanctuary – a landscape design and construction journey that only Frontiers can provide you with.

Frontiers Landscape also provides commercial and municipal landscape construction services.