Muskoka Landscape Design and Construction Services

Based out of Parry Sound, Frontiers Landscape provides you – whether you're a home owner or cottager – with a professional option for your landscape design and construction needs. With heightened environmental challenges, it's crucial to have the design knowledge of professionals when specifying structural components of the landscape such as decks, retaining walls, staircases and so on.

We understand how much you love the natural environment surrounding you and how important it is for it to be protected. Landscape construction requires the careful selection of plant material and it must respect the pristine natural environment surrounding it. Materials such as natural armor stone and rockery, local flagstone, native plantings and permeable pavements are all very much a part of an excellent landscape design in the Muskoka area. Because you are surrounded in so much natural beauty already, we know that the most desired landscape in Muskoka is one that enhances the environment in which your home or cottage is already a part of. This requires a delicate approach within the landscape design, so that your landscape construction both compliments, and transitions into, the natural environment around you.

Examples of this include:

  • Terraces made of natural stone that meet natural outcroppings of bedrock
  • Granite flagstone patios jointed with moss, thyme or a nice pea gravel
  • Using native plant material that not only survives but flourishes within the landscape. 
  • Incorporating the facade of the home; extending structures such as pergolas and decks to embrace an outdoor living space
  • Natural stone steps made from large granite slabs
  • Using natural cedar mulch on garden beds and between stepping stone to prevent erosion

And much, much more...

Contact Frontiers for a consultation on how to make any of these visions come to life in your own outdoor space.