A Landscaping Service like You Have Never Seen Before

Because your outdoor space has the potential to be one of the most beautiful spaces of your property, it’s important to maintain its beauty and tailor it to your style. If you’re planning to incorporate natural elements while landscaping, there’s no better option than Frontiers Landscape Architecture in Guelph. At Frontiers Landscape Architecture, we offer a complete package of landscaping services, from initial site design through construction and maintenance.

The first step during the project involves working closely with you to develop a design plan that incorporates your ideas, requirements and style. While building features for your exterior space, we have a range of options to choose ranging from waterfalls to irrigation systems and lighting, and from stone work to woodwork and plant life.

We understand that proactive outdoor maintenance enhances your land value while glorifying its beauty. Our landscape maintenance services in Guelph are aimed at keeping your area fresh and beautiful, while maintaining its cleanliness and attractiveness. 

When you work with Frontiers Landscape Architecture, we bring an all-inclusive approach to superior landscaping for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Our clients rest assured the fate of their landscaping project is in safe hands. We constantly build on our reputation of trust and quality by maintaining a perfect harmony between each element installed in your landscape.

Whether it’s a renovation or new construction landscape in Guelph, your projects are handled by experienced professionals and designed by skilled architects leading to landscaping that meets your exact expectations. We employ the latest techniques and high tech equipment to get the job done. Our landscaping expertise includes: design drawings, plantings, pool construction, outdoor seating planning, and pavers construction.

We have hands-on experience in installing features like patios, stonewalls, waterfalls, paved pathways, boulders, and flagstone walkways. We can beautify your backyard and turn it into a peaceful retreat with the help of ponds, fountains and water streams.