Decks, pergolas and fences can effectively enhance many landscapes.  Imagine having a unique architectural design for your deck, pergola, or fence that will reflect the unique style and beauty of your home and outdoor space. Let the professionals at Frontiers Landscape turn your vision into a reality.

Decks, pergolas and fences are often constructed using either pressure treated lumber, composite material, or natural cedar. 


Frontiers Landscaping Wood Deck ConstructionWhether you are looking for your first simple deck, a warmer alternative to your existing patio, or a complex multi-tier deck like you have seen in magazines or on TV, our Landscape Architect can make it happen.  

In addition to the benefit of being raised off the ground, decks add significant resale value to your home. 

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Frontiers Landscape Design Pergola ConstructionAn architectural feature like a pergola or an arbour adds charm and beauty to your outdoor living space. Not only do pergolas and arbours infuse a landscape with a unique character, but they can also serve a number of additional functions, for example:

  • Provide shade in bright and sunny areas 
  • Increase privacy 
  • Provide a unique enclosure for outdoor living rooms, dining areas, or hot tubs

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Various Materials

Pressure treated lumber has been treated with a preservatives which help the wood resist insect pests and fungal growth caused by exposure to high humidity and moisture.  Until the recent development of brown treated lumber, pressure treated lumber was known for its characteristic green colour. This type of lumber is often used for structural elements of a deck, pergola or fence.  

Composite lumber comes in countless colours and styles even imitating exotic hardwoods quite realistically. It is created from a mix of wood and plastic, which has been bound together to produce a materials that is stronger and more durable than natural lumber. Composite decks are a very low maintenance option which requires little more than an occasional spray with a hose.  Unlike natural wood products, composite will never need to be stained, sealed or painted, and they are much less susceptible to weather and insect damage.  Like natural products, they can be cut to create intricate designs that suit your outdoor living needs. 

Cedar lumber decks, pergolas and fences are landscape features that are truly special.  Real cedar lumber never goes out of style.  This natural material not only looks beautiful but smells great.  After installation, if the wood is not treated with a sealant or paint, the wood fades to a beautiful shade of grey.  In addition, it is naturally resistant to insect pests and decay making it the most environmentally friendly option.