Landscaping Accessories


Retaining Walls ConstructionRetaining walls can be both functional and provide a unique visual element to your landscape design.  A retaining wall can become a dramatic backdrop for water features, create a unique flower bed or create privacy from neighbours. There is no limit to what can be done with your retaining wall project. There are many material and installation options for retaining walls, each has its place:

•    Wood timber walls
•    Concrete retaining walls
•    Brick retaining walls 
•    Natural Stone block retaining walls 
•    Armour stone retaining walls

Typically, retaining walls are quite costly to install and replace making it important to ensure that it is designed and built well. However, do not let aesthetics be the only deciding factors.  The material quality and structural integrity of your retaining wall is crucial to safety and durability.  Careful planning and quality craftsmanship ensure that the final results are not only stunning, but installed correctly for durability and longevity in the years to come. We know a retaining wall needs to last, and a well-defined and properly executed design makes all the difference. Frontiers Landscape has the experience and expertise to ensure a job well done.

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Landscape Firepit ConstructionAdding a fire pit or fireplace to a backyard design not only effectively creates a focal point, but also greatly increases the usability of your landscape! It allows you to get out in the yard earlier in the spring, stay out later in the fall, and longer each night.  Why drive out to cottage country, when you can achieve a cottage feel in your backyard any night of the week?

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Water Feature Landscape ConstructionA water feature can play an important role in creating your personalized backyard retreat.  The white noise created by the sound of running water can effectively mask unwanted urban noise and creates an environment which fosters relaxation. The same water feature can attract a variety of birds and butterflies as well as provide a visual focal point in your personal landscape.  Let Frontiers Landscape help you unwind in your personal backyard oasis. 

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Outdoor Kitchen ConstructionA great way to maximize the summer months is to prepare meals and entertain outdoors. An outdoor kitchen can be the essential landscape feature needed to effectively transform a piece of your yard into a functional, favorite summer space. Bringing cooking convenience to your deck or patio can be achieved around an existing BBQ with the construction of counter space and a few clever storage solutions, or may consist of a highly custom solution with built in outdoor kitchen components. Frontiers has the expertise and creative design solutions to maximize the convenience and usability of your front or backyard living space.

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