A landscaping company you can count on!

At Frontiers Landscape, we want your outdoor landscape look as good today as the day it was created. Being a renowned landscaping firm, we provide residential, commercial and government buildings of Burlington with our landscaping services such as architectural designs, irrigation facilities, stone work integration and exterior maintenance

Our team of professional architects develops quality designs integrated specifically to the landscape requirements of your property. Our multi-focused approach allows us to deliver tailored landscaping services to our clients across the areas of Burlington. Furthermore, we create designs catering to the complex nature of your outdoor environment.

Our methodology

We follow a simple methodology of combining innovation with hard work and functionality to first design, then construct and finally maintain your landscaped areas. Whether it is a planting design to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your building’s exterior or a fully integrated landscaping design for a commercial area, we are capable of helping you through your project.

Apart from constructing beautiful landscapes, we make sure to incorporate sustainable development principles into every client focused and site specific project.

An excellent follow-up and outstanding customer service speaks for our high reputation amongst landscaping service providers in Burlington. Regardless of the weather conditions, we strive to complete the landscaping, including designing, building, and construction in a timely manner.

Highlighting our commitment to quality landscaping services, Frontiers Landscape has been able to finish several complicated and large scale outdoor design projects. What sets us apart is our wealth of architect experience and our collaborative approach to working with clients from diverse areas.

In a nutshell, Frontiers Landscape offers fully integrated services at all phases of landscaping including conceptualization, designing, construction, operation, upgrades and maintenance. Additionally, we are devoted to delivering the best for our clients. We strive to be trusted partners in the creation of gorgeous landscape designs.   

If you are ready to start or improve your outdoor space, get in touch with us to discuss your project.