Landscaping Ideas for the Front of Your House

Winter is the perfect time to start dreaming about what you’d like to do with your front yard landscaping once the snow melts and spring arrives. After all, a little advance planning can help you create a budget, address logistical concerns, and have a clear idea of how you want the front of your home to look once the world goes back to being green again. Here are a few ideas to help inspire you as you create your front yard landscaping plan for 2019.

Using Interlocking Pavers for Your Landscape Design

Spending time outdoors can be beneficial and fun when entertaining family and friends, but it definitely helps to have the right flooring surface on your patio in order to make your recreation area as attractive as possible. Whether you’re looking to add some nice landscaping around a pool or just want to expand your usable outdoor living space, making the choice to use interlocking pavers can provide a number of benefits.

Materials for Patio Design

Custom patio design can be a great addition to the front or backyard of any home. Various colors, patterns, and materials, which can be installed in infinite designs, bring something fun and unique to your personal outdoor space.

Since there are many options when it comes to creating the perfect patio design for your home, choosing the best choice for your personal style is a crucial element to creating the ideal space for your family and friends.

Deck Hazards: Is it safe?

Decks do not last forever. A strict maintenance strategy will certainly make them last longer, but rotting and splintering is inevitable. The first signs of a deck in disrepair are soft or splintering deck boards, wobbly handrails, and rotting posts. Deck boards and handrails are in plain sight, but it is crucial to check the structure of a deck, where the wood meets the ground. This is where the rotting will most likely occur. If the deck has been built with posts, beams or joist in contact with the soil, the deck could be unsafe within a few years of being built.

Should You Choose an Interlock or Flagstone Walkway?

An interlock walkway shares a number of similarities to a flagstone walkway: they’re both durable and attractive options with many styles, designs and colour choices for you to choose from. Where they differ is how you can figure out which is right for you.

To cut right to the chase off the bat the biggest advantage that an interlocking pathway has over a flagstone one is that a flagstone walkway will break down quicker when salt is applied to it in the winter.