Using Interlocking Pavers for Your Landscape Design

Spending time outdoors can be beneficial and fun when entertaining family and friends, but it definitely helps to have the right flooring surface on your patio in order to make your recreation area as attractive as possible. Whether you’re looking to add some nice landscaping around a pool or just want to expand your usable outdoor living space, making the choice to use interlocking pavers can provide a number of benefits.

What Are Interlocking Pavers?

The definition of ‘interlock’ is basically - “to connect so that motion of any part is constrained by another” and interlocking pavers connect together through the use of sand. They are generally made from cement or concrete and tend to simulate the effects of cobblestone pathways.

Their inherent interlocking ability enables pavers to be easily installed without the use of mortar and they are a popular alternative among both homeowners and contractors for their ease of installation. Pavers can cover any patio, decking, walkway or driveway.

interlocking pavers for landscape design

Benefits of Pavers in Landscaping

Using interlocking pavers for landscaping projects has multiple benefits, including:

  • Design Flexibility - Pavers are modular, meaning that they connect together to form a variety of geometric designs including hexagonal, herringbone, and diamond designs.
  • Variety of Paving Styles - The available shapes and patterns of interlocking pavers allow for creative and unique designs.
  • Multiple Color Choices Available - From pavers that look like clay brick to those with a rustic stone-like look, you can choose a color to match a theme or for practical purposes.

Plus, they have a 30+ year life expectancy, they are low maintenance when properly installed, are 3x stronger than poured concrete, they move with soil conditions, and they are weather resistant which means they are perfect for freezing/thawed conditions!

Landscape Design in Guelph, ON

Your home is where you feel, well, at home. Or at least you should anyway, and your outdoor space has the potential to be one of the most comfortable and beautiful spaces of your property. Interlocking pavers are a fantastic way to add beauty and style to your landscaping, and in Guelph, there’s no better option than Frontiers Landscape Architecture.

If you’re looking for a custom garden, patio or deck design, Frontiers Landscape Architecture will provide you with unique backyard landscape designs that are true to your needs and are built to last. Contact us today for a free design consultation and to explore all of our yard landscape architecture and design options.