Should You Choose an Interlock or Flagstone Walkway?

An interlock walkway shares a number of similarities to a flagstone walkway: they’re both durable and attractive options with many styles, designs and colour choices for you to choose from. Where they differ is how you can figure out which is right for you.

To cut right to the chase off the bat the biggest advantage that an interlocking pathway has over a flagstone one is that a flagstone walkway will break down quicker when salt is applied to it in the winter.

Does this mean that you should never install a flagstone walkway or patio? No! What it says is that you should consider where you use flagstone. A front walkway is heavily traversed and has to be frequently salted and cleared in the winter. A flagstone walkway is not ideal in this situation. It will break down from the salt and they usually have an uneven top which makes them difficult to clean.

An interlocking path from the sidewalk to your front door or patio will be easy to clean, won’t break down because of salt, and will last for many years to come. But what if you must have some natural stone included in your design? No problem! Design something with these natural stones along the edges where you do not have to clear or salt as often.

Now you’ll want to consider who will be walking on it. Those with mobility issues, such as someone who uses a cane, walker, wheelchair, or even someone pushing a baby stroller, will have a more difficult time with the uneven surface of flagstone. This is another time when you will want to go with an interlocking path over a flagstone one.

These are the basic considerations you’ll want to put into your walkway. If you need further design ideas and advice you can contact us today for a consultation!