Patio Maintenance: Keeping your patio safe and usable!

If your patio has begun to heave there maybe underlying issues at work, many of which might not be visible to the naked eye. An inconsistent grade or crumbling edge may create tripping hazards as well as maintenance issues down the road. This heaving and degraded edge is very common along the foundation of a home and in high traffic areas. The area close to the foundation of a home can take over a decade to fully settle; and often, landscaping is damaged in the process.  The second culprit to patio damage the seasonal freeze/thaw process.  A patio can be “re-layed” at the fraction of the cost of a new installation. Whether it be interlocking stone (pavers) or natural stone (flagstone), the granular base can be compacted, and re-levelled, to solve the problem, and give you many more years of enjoyment out of your outdoor space. Advances in polymeric jointing sand will also give you added protection against weeds and ants, lowering maintenance costs and effort. Please call Frontiers Landscape for a free consultation on your patio.