Mulch: A Maintenance Life Saver

Mulch prevents erosion, retains soil moisture and prevents weeds from establishing. Mulch is a maintenance life saver. If you cover a freshly planted garden with 2-3 inches of mulch, you will decrease your weed pulling time to almost zero. There are many kinds of mulch, the two most common being cedar and pine. Cedar is a much more effective maintenance tool due to its inherent moisture resistance and anti rotting characteristics. It also has a nice natural color and smell! The second type of mulch in our area is Pine. You can find pine that has been died in such colors as red, black and yellow, as well as the standard plain. Pine is cheaper and has the aesthetic advantages of multiple color choices, but does not last as long as its cedar counterpart. Ensuring your mulch is topped up once a year will save you weekends of weed pulling. Please call Frontiers Landscape for a free consultation on your property maintenance.