Materials for Patio Design

Custom patio design can be a great addition to the front or backyard of any home. Various colors, patterns, and materials, which can be installed in infinite designs, bring something fun and unique to your personal outdoor space.

Since there are many options when it comes to creating the perfect patio design for your home, choosing the best choice for your personal style is a crucial element to creating the ideal space for your family and friends.

Patio Design

Best Patio Design Materials

Pavers - Pavers are simply pieces of concrete, pre-formed into step stone shapes that fit together. They come in a variety of colors, allowing for complete personalization.

  • Brick - Brick is typically used as a less expensive option for patio materials, though the fact that they are smaller means the all-around expense comes out similarly. Brick comes in a variety of neutral colors and can be a bit more durable than a paver.
  • Stamped Concrete - Stamped concrete is likely the same material as your driveway, but stamped to look like pavers. The fact that it is a solid piece of material means it is more durable than individual pavers. Because it is the same material as pavers, stamped concrete offers the same variety of color choices for personalization.
  • Flagstone - Natural flagstone offers a beautiful, durable, completely natural option. The rough edges of this earthy material allow for an entirely natural feel to your patio design. Spaces that naturally exist in the flagstone allow for moss or creeping vines to be planted between stones for an even more earthy feel.

Because there are so many choices and design options, partnering with an experienced, full service, landscape company like Frontiers Landscape Architecture will provide the best results for your patio design. Trust in our skills and knowledge to create a beautiful, lasting outdoor space that fits your tastes and needs.

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