Four Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Curb appeal is one of the top ways to to improve the overall beauty and architecture of your home and increase its resale value. We all want our homes to look their best, have optimal value, and feel comforting and inviting. Here are four simple front yard landscaping ideas to easily spruce up your home’s facade.

Use What You Have

This is the easiest way to add value and charm to your front yard landscaping, as it only requires sprucing up any existing landscaping. This can be done a number of ways - by means of removing overgrown weeds, pruning trees, and maintaining garden beds. Mowing the lawn, trimming, and edging are also easy ways to keep your yard neat and well maintained.

Add Some Color

Another easy, and relatively inexpensive way to landscape your front yard is to add some color by planting flowering perennials and shrubs. Using perennials, as opposed to annuals, ensures you won’t need to replant every year, providing years of vivid color.

Making a slight investment in colorful plants is an easy way brighten up the front of any house. This can be an especially good means of updating front yard landscaping for homes in neighborhoods that require neutral paint tones. Adding a pop of color will breathe new life to any exterior.

Cue the Waterworks

One landscaping update that can be most enjoyable is the addition of a water feature, like a charming fountain or a small, rustic rock waterfall. The sound of running water sets a calm atmosphere, while adding visual interest as well. A fountain can easily be installed by most homeowners, while a waterfall may require some professional assistance. Either way, a water feature is a beautiful way to refresh a front yard.

Simple Stone Repair

Aged and worn masonry, concrete, and walkways can age and diminish the beauty of a house’s facade more than most things. Simply repairing stonework can instantly update your home, despite not actually changing anything. This can be accomplished by repairing dips in walkways, filling mortar joints in masonry, and refinishing any surfaces in disrepair. This not only beautifies your front yard landscaping, it also creates a renewed look of structural integrity of your home, ultimately leading to a boost in resale value.

front yard landscaping idea

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