Caring for and Maintaining Your Flagstone Landscaping Project

Flagstone Landscaping is a very popular choice for the natural and rustic look it brings to any home. There are no maintenance free building materials out there and flagstone is no different. Follow this guide to keep your maintenance efficient, and talk to one of our contractors for even more advice.

A good seal will help prevent water stains and sealing it regularly will make it look good as new for years to come. Sealers are especially beneficial around water that contains alkaline and other minerals. It is nearly impossible to avoid stains in cooking and BBQ areas, a sealer in this area is a must as it will fill up the pores and repel stains. A matte finish sealer will keep your flagstones looking natural. A gloss finish will make them look shiny like you just washed them a moment ago.

Cleaning off your stones starts with a broom. Clearing dirt off it will keep it from staining. If you do neglect it and a stain develops you can use bleach or muriatic acid diluted with water to clean it off. You can also find a cleaner made especially for flagstone at a local home improvement store. Whichever you use be sure to rinse the stone thoroughly. Any chemical left on a stone will begin to damage it, especially acid!

The beauty of a flagstone patio or walkway is that it is many individual pieces. If one of them happens to break you will only have to replace that one piece, rather than the entire area. Having a few extra flagstones around is always recommended. Leave them outside in an area that will allow them to weather slightly so you can pop it into place without it looking too new and clashing with the rest of your landscaping.

A flagstone walkway or patio is a relatively low maintenance option for your home. Contact us today for your consultation!