3 Tips for Winter Landscape Care

winter snow on a landscaped front yardOkay, we understand! It’s cold outside and getting colder so other than covering up vulnerable vegetation and landscaping, who worries about yard maintenance?

Well… it should be you.

Just because you may be spending more time inside than out, that doesn’t mean that you can simply forget about your lawn until it thaws. If you wish to enjoy your beautiful landscaping throughout the rest of the year, you should check out these excellent tips for winter landscape care.

1. For Health’s Sake — Grab the Rake

While some leaves look quite beautiful lying on the grass this time of year, and you may be tempted to feel that since they are “natural” then they would naturally make a good compost, neglecting to properly rake your property could result in several unintended consequences.

A large majority of lawns and landscaping around the Guelph, Ontario area are made up of one or more “cool-season” grasses, meaning that they are most active when the weather is moderately cool. Having a thick layer of fallen leaves can impede the growth of these grasses simply because the leaves deprive it of one of its key requirements: sunlight. If not properly maintained, this layer of fallen leaves basically casts too much shade over the grass below.

A few other things to consider:

  • A layer of leaves forms a barrier that blocks water, nutrients, and that much-needed healthy airflow from reaching the root system of your lawn.
  • Failing to properly rake can invite diseases and pests, as well as lead to serious problems like brown patch and snow mold.
  • If the leaves become matted, they can severely limit the growth of grass blades come spring.
  • Your lawn needs to “breathe” and if left untreated over the winter, it will be smothered underneath a thick layer of unshredded leaves.

2. Don't Forget to Water

There’s plenty of snow so that means your landscaping is getting plenty of water, right? Wrong. Did you know that it takes an average of ten inches of snow to equal one inch of rain? That means that snowfall simply doesn’t provide the necessary water for your landscaping over the winter. All plants, newly planted shrubs, and trees, in particular, run the risk of frost damage or even death without watering throughout the winter.

In order to keep the root system from drying out, keep the soil moist and since they are more susceptible to winter dry-out, you should pay special attention to any evergreens on your property when completing your winter landscape care. Taking care of your lawn in winter is just as important as the summer months and winter days that surpass 4.4 degrees or so provide the perfect opportunity to break out your stored water hose and give your trees, grass, and shrubs a good drink.

3. Avoid Weed Killer

Last but not least, you should refrain from using any form of pesticides, especially weed killer, during those times where the temperature doesn’t maintain above 15.6 degrees. Cold temperatures may affect the safety of your weed control and can influence the growth of your landscaping, so you should refrain from using pesticide treatments during your winter landscape care.

Ask Our Landscape Pros

If you have questions or concerns about your winter landscape care, our landscape pros will be happy to assist. At Frontiers Landscape Architecture in Guelph, we understand that proactive landscape maintenance enhances your land value while glorifying its beauty and our maintenance services are aimed at keeping your area fresh and beautiful while maintaining its cleanliness and attractiveness.

When it comes to winter landscape care, you need a professional landscaping company that knows exactly what your property means to you.