3 Benefits of Installing a Pergola

Pergolas are a beautiful architectural element that add function to any yard. Whether going with a traditional slated top or a slightly curved slate, staining or painting the wood, or covering the slates with a canvas awning or lush vines, there are endless options when it comes to designing the perfect pergola for your outdoor oasis.

This wide variety of design and color options turn these wooden canopies from mere statement pieces to inviting, outdoor rooms. Aside from the beauty of installing a pergola, it’s important to keep these three other benefits in mind.

pergola in outdoor space

  1. Pergolas Provide Privacy

    That’s right. It’s incredibly easy to add some additional privacy to your backyard by adding a pergola. Aside from the basic structure itself, you can create even more seclusion with the addition of drapes, screens, or a trellis along one or multiple sides. Including these additional elements can easily shield the view of a too-close neighbor or eyesore just beyond the reaches of your yard.

    Adding this addition of privacy makes pergolas great for outdoor dining and living rooms, as well as hot tubs! After all, there’s not much point in adding outdoor living space if you’re not comfortable using it. Instead of just throwing an outdoor patio set in the yard, consider creating a comfy nook by adding a pergola as well.

  2. Additional Protection and Shade

    Though the “roof” of a pergola is slated, it still provides an element of shade and protection on hot, sunny days. Adding a canvas awning, climbing vine, or string lights not only add visual interest and beauty, but they can offer even more protection, making your pergola even more useful throughout the year and at all times of the day.

  3. Pergolas, Perfect for Entertaining

    Aside from privacy for your outdoor living or dining room, a pergola easily extends your entertaining space as well. The shape and protection a pergola offers mimics an indoor room, making it easy to take your entertaining space from inside your home to your outdoor space with ease. Imagine how nice it would be to invite guests to the backyard for an evening cookout or cocktail and seeing their eyes light up a pergola dressed in string lights. By installing a pergola, you greatly increase your entertaining space and ambience.

While it’s easy to play with the idea of adding a pergola to your yard just for the look and added architectural detail, it becomes all the more appealing when you consider all the benefits that come along with this addition. If you’re ready to install your new pergola, contact us at Frontiers Landscape Architecture to make all your backyard design dreams come true.