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Signs of a Low Quality Landscape Construction Job

The completion of a landscape construction project at your home is always an exciting time. The construction crews are gone, leaving you ready to enjoy your newly finished landscape.

How long is this new landscape expected to stay “new”? If you are worried about whether everything is OK with the finished project, what are some signs of landscape problems?

Deck Hazards: Is it safe?

Decks do not last forever. A strict maintenance strategy will certainly make them last longer, but rotting and splintering is inevitable. The first signs of a deck in disrepair are soft or splintering deck boards, wobbly handrails, and rotting posts. Deck boards and handrails are in plain sight, but it is crucial to check the structure of a deck, where the wood meets the ground. This is where the rotting will most likely occur. If the deck has been built with posts, beams or joist in contact with the soil, the deck could be unsafe within a few years of being built.

Caring for and Maintaining Your Flagstone Landscaping Project

Flagstone Landscaping is a very popular choice for the natural and rustic look it brings to any home. There are no maintenance free building materials out there and flagstone is no different. Follow this guide to keep your maintenance efficient, and talk to one of our contractors for even more advice.

Should You Choose an Interlock or Flagstone Walkway?

An interlock walkway shares a number of similarities to a flagstone walkway: they’re both durable and attractive options with many styles, designs and colour choices for you to choose from. Where they differ is how you can figure out which is right for you.

To cut right to the chase off the bat the biggest advantage that an interlocking pathway has over a flagstone one is that a flagstone walkway will break down quicker when salt is applied to it in the winter.

Using Front Yard Landscaping Designs to Help You Budget

Every smart homeowner undertaking a front yard landscaping project knows that getting professional designs made up is the first step in making their dream a reality. Having the ability to really see how your home is going to come together, alter it before you begin buying materials, and being completely satisfied that it will work can be invaluable. It will give you an opportunity to work out all the little details, get a few problems sorted out before they happen and give you the confidence to go ahead with the project confidently.

Water features

Ponds, waterfalls and fountains can offer an aesthetic focal point in any landscape. Benefits can be attributed to the addition of white noise within an urban environment, and the attraction of wildlife. If your intent is to soften a landscape, and include the facets of nature, then a water feature can be one of your most powerful options. In combination with plant material, you will be able to have an outdoor oasis within any urban residential space. Water features are linked to a “pricey” connotation, due to extravagant fountains and pools.

Curb Appeal: What is your front yard lacking?

Front yard landscaping is a simple way to add a significant amount of curb appeal to your home. It is critical when selling or showing a home. The removal of overgrown vegetation, pruning trees, cutting garden bed edges and planting flowering perennials and shrubs is a fast and effective source of curb appeal. Repairing dips in walkways, mortar joints in masonry and re-finishing surfaces can bring back the structural look of any stonework; avoiding comments of “disrepair” or “outdated” features.